Tokyo University of the Arts: Art Fes 2021
Mar 21, 2021

Approximately 80% of the artists are suffering decrease of income due to the impact of Covid-19 taking away their performance opportunities.

“Tokyo University of the Arts: Art Fes 2021” to support 100 young artists will open today!

TOKYO -- Tokyo University of the Arts (Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuki Sawa) will hold an online art festival of the artists from our university (including current students) suffering the impact of Covid-19 until April 30.

Special website:

Due to epidemic of Covid-19, the environment surrounding artists has drastically changed. There is date that approximately 80% of the artists have been unable to engage in their activities and suffering decrease of income since a number of museums and concert halls are closed, the scheduled exhibitions and music concerts have been postponed or cancelled. As a result, their economic status has been continuously unstable. They have been also forced to consider what ways of expressions they can take and how they should treat their expressions while “new mode of life” has been called for.

This art festival will be held online where there is no restriction of the Covid-19 impact, also collaborating with social media networks, aiming to develop and support such artists whose performance opportunities have been taken away. We hope that by using social media networks their works catch many people’s eyes not only domestically but also internationally and that those who cannot visit the physical sites due to the Covid-19 impact can enjoy arts.

In the special page, the artists’ profiles, descriptions of their works, and up to 10 images per work will be posted. When you press the “like” button for the work you like, it will be reflected for the screening of excellent works and the work which collects the most “like” will be awarded with “Art Renaissance Award.” You can also be connected to the artists who have Instagram accounts. *Please contact the operation office ( first for job offer to any artists.

Discover a new style of enjoying young artists coming out to the world and their arts through this art festival.

Hosted by: Tokyo University of the Arts
Tokyo University of the Arts have turned out a number of excellent artists, educators and researchers as the keystone of Japan’s art education and research for over 130 years since its foundation. It currently offers two faculties; the Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Music and four Graduate Schools; Fine Arts, Music, Film and New Media and Global Arts.

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