Thais Spent Nearly 59 Billion Hours Glued To Their Smartphones In 2020
Mar 13, 2021

Thais have spent 58.8 billion hours using smartphones in 2020, which means that any of the around 70 million citizens of the country was busy with a phone for an average of around two hours and 20 minutes a day, which is the second highest rate in the world behind the Philippines.

The number was up by 25 per cent from 2019, which is highly likely due to COVID-19-related lockdowns as they forced people to stay indoors.

However, the Thai mobile Internet usage stands in stark contrast to developed nations, most of which have a lower smartphone Internet usage. For example, people in Japan used the Internet on their mobile phones only for one hour 32 minutes last year.

Facebook, YouTube, Line are the favourites among smartphone Internet users

These are the results of a survey on Internet usage in 2020 published on the “We Are Social” website which collects such statistics globally.

According to the platform, 75 per cent of Thailand’s population use the Internet, which is higher than the global average of 59 per cent, while the rate of mobile phone possession is as high as 134 per cent, meaning a share of people have two or more phones.

On the mobile Internet, Thais use Facebook the most with 95 per cent of all Internet users, followed by YouTube (94 per cent), Line (85 per cent), Instagram (65 per cent) and Twitter (55 per cent).

Apart from smartphones, 50 per cent of Thais have personal computers, 33 per cent tablets, 15 per cent smartwatches or smart wristbands and 3.7 per cent smart home devices, the survey found.