TAITRA Launches Online Eyewear Exhibition to Grasp Overseas Business Opportunities
Nov 28, 2020

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has added an optical showcase https://optical.taiwantrade.com/ to taiwantrade.com to help the domestic eyewear industry to explore overseas markets and seize business opportunities. Taiwantrade.com is Taiwan’s largest e-portal organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and operated by TAITRA. This new online showcase has presented the latest VR/AR Pavilion to break through the pandemic barriers. In addition to grasping overseas business opportunities, participating suppliers may gain massive media exposure.

An online demonstration has showed that viewers may go through different scenes in a flash via the advanced 3D modeling technology on VR/AR. Just with a flip of switch, a scene of hiking in the forest can jump swiftly to skiing on the snow mountain, to swimming in the pool, and to conducting outdoor activities. The beauty of this advanced technology is, a smart phone user may try on with the AR Eyewear Try-on function via the 3D glasses modeling and share selfies through the AR facial identification without downloading any apps. The VR/AR technology allows international buyers to interact with suppliers without restrictions of time and space.

The VR/AR Pavilion has housed many well-known brands, such as SAEKO from First Rank Co., a Taiwan Excellence Award winner for four years consecutively. Others include Grand Lin Industrial., Tsarn Shyan Fa Enterprise, Jerlson International, E-Tay Industrial, 720 International Limited, Novelty Eyewear, YCT, Hsin Jiang Optician, JH Optical, A-Dan Excellence, Alan Brothers Industrial, Toshung Technology, SYCT, and QEF Design.

This virtual pavilion has displayed more than 60 premium quality eyewear products, such as medical safety goggles, optical lenses and frames, sports eyewear and fashion sunglasses, swimming goggles, ski goggles, blue light reading glasses, kids’ eyewear, industrial goggles, and 3D glasses. All the products are completely Taiwan made, conformed to the security specifications of the US, Europe and Japan, and available with customized manufacture at reasonable prices.

Buyers may obtain more B2B2C information with a scan of the QR code. An Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) system has been constructed for suppliers and international buyers to make enquiries, offers and place orders.

Organized By TAITRA
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(Taiwantrade.com to Help Domestic Eyewear Industry Seize Global Business Opportunities)