Rare primate returned to nature in Tuyên Quang
Viet Nam News
Apr 07, 2020

TUYÊN QUANG — A rare primate was released in Phiêng Bung Natural Reserve in Năng Khả Commune, Na Hang District of the northern mountainous province of Tuyên Quang today.

The Indochinese rhesus macaque, also known as 'golden monkey', is an endangered and rare species listed in Việt Nam’s Red Book.

The monkey and 12 wild bamboo rats were found and seized in the household of Triệu Văn Dũng, residing in Bản Thác hamlet, Yên Hoa Commune of Na Hang District.

District police made a record of Dũng's violation of the law for possessing the wild animal.

The wild animals would survive in nature because they were released back to the forest in a very healthy condition given that they were captured not too long ago, according to the local authorities.

In Bình Phước Province, 25 wild and rare animals have released into Bù Gia Mập National Park this year.

Before returning to nature, the animals were well nourished and treated to recover their wild instincts after being domesticated in household farms.

The park’s wild animal rescue centre continues to monitor the health and adaptability to the natural environment of the animals.

Established in 2016, the wild animal rescue centre has received 104 wild animals and released 85 of them to nature.

The rest are being cared for and rehabilitated at the centre.

Most of the wild animals were handed over by local people and forest rangers.

Bù Gia Mập National Park is located on an area of nearly 25,600ha and is home to 400 species, of which there are 30 endangered mammals, 10 rare birds and 16 reptiles in the red book. — VNS

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