The Food Industry Promotional Agency of Korea Releases Video Lectures that Encourages the Food Industry to Accelerate ESG Management
Aug 19, 2021

Carbon neutrality and eco-friendly packaging were introduced as a resolution that realizes ESG
English subtitle provided for global food industry workers

SEOUL, South Korea -- The Food Industry Promotional Agency of Korea (FOODPOLIS) announced that it has released 12 lectures of the 11th FOODPOLIS International Conference to bring global attention to ESG management through its official YouTube channel. The conference lectures are in both Korean and English with English subtitles.

Recently, the ESG business management, a method that pursues sustainability in the long term, is substituting the traditional business management method, which values financial results the most. The ESG refers to Environment, Social, and Governance which are three nonfinancial areas.

The environmental field, especially, has become a global issue as the United States rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and announced the 2050 carbon neutrality after the election of President Joe Biden. The entire food industry is under its influence.

Nestlé, a Swiss food company, declared they are planning to plant 2 hundred million trees for 10 years with the 2050 carbon neutrality declaration. Pulmuone, in March, announced to be a 'Leading Company in Plant-forward Food' and accelerate the business of plant-based protein and meat. CJ CheilJedang is spurring the development of eco-friendly materials such as 100% biodegradable plastic 'PHA'. Lastly, Kurly corporation introduced the 'Kurly Purple Box (Personal cold reserving box)' using reusable packaging material.

FOODPOLIS held the 11th FOODPOLIS International Conference this June to actively respond to the ESG trend in the food industry. Other various efforts, for example, food industry ESG special lecture, agreement ceremony for food industry carbon neutrality, and labor-management joint declaration for ethical management and compliance were made by FOODPOLIS.

Targeting food industry professionals, the conference had 3 sessions (Green in food, Green in packaging, Green in industry) and speakers from Nestlé, Pulmuone, Kurly corporation, Korea University, CJ CheilJedang, Fraunhofer IVV, and DLG participated to introduce eco-friendly packaging, trends of the alternative meat market, and strategy for food waste reduction with the examples of ESG business management. The video reached over 10,000 views in a week.

The newly released 6 lectures are available on the YouTube channel 'National Food Cluster TV'.

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